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A flexible SaaS boilerplate for monetizing data, integrating Stripe subscriptions with Django and React.

YaSaas is an open-source SaaS boilerplate designed to provide entrepreneurs with a flexible foundation for monetizing their data. Built on the Django REST Framework and React, it offers seamless Stripe subscription integration and leverages Django admin functionalities for user management and data access control. This solution simplifies the process of selling data products, such as financial data, market insights, or custom datasets, by providing a practical starting point for data-driven ventures. With its open-source nature, YaSaas is accessible to anyone looking to kickstart their data monetization project. The platform utilizes Django’s robust permission system for precise data access control, allowing entrepreneurs to define user groups with specific data access permissions, ensuring that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users. Additionally, YaSaas includes features like authentication, subscription management, user action tracking, and a customizable front end, making it a comprehensive tool for building data-centric SaaS applications.

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