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The ultimate software as a service starter kit.

Wave is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SAAS) starter kit designed to help developers launch their next big idea with ease. It comes packed with a wide array of features essential for building a modern SAAS application, including authentication, user profiles, subscriptions, invoices, announcements, and much more. Built on Laravel and Voyager, Wave simplifies the administration of your app, making it accessible for developers of all skill levels.

Wave’s feature set is designed to address the common needs of SAAS projects, offering fully loaded authentication systems, customizable user profiles, user impersonation for troubleshooting, subscription management via Paddle Payment platform, and a ready-to-use notification system. Additionally, it includes a fully functional blog to help with SEO efforts, a fully functional API for extending the application, and configurable themes to tailor the look and feel of your SAAS. For developers looking to dive deeper, Wave Pro offers access to a private repository for discussions, issues, and feature improvements, alongside access to Tails for crafting the landing page of your SAAS application.

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