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A SaaS boilerplate and starter kit designed to accelerate development and deployment for Node.js and React projects.

Volca is a comprehensive SaaS boilerplate and starter kit aimed at developers looking to jumpstart their SaaS projects. Built on a foundation of Node.js for the backend and React for the frontend, Volca offers a monolithic repository that includes everything from a static landing page to a dynamic React dashboard and a Node.js REST API. This setup is designed to significantly reduce the time to market by providing pre-built functionality such as authentication, social sign-in, subscription management, CI/CD workflows, logging, serverless architecture, and multi-tenancy support.

The product is crafted by Oskar and Karl, developers with over 20 years of combined experience. They have distilled their knowledge into Volca, ensuring it encompasses all the essential features needed for a modern SaaS application, including a high-performance landing page, a user-friendly dashboard, and a secure, scalable API. With TypeScript as a core technology across the stack and AWS for serverless deployment, Volca is positioned as a robust solution for developers seeking to deploy their SaaS products efficiently. The boilerplate is available for purchase, with options tailored for solo developers and teams, and includes access to a private GitHub repository and support via a private Slack channel.

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