Nextbase Starter Kit
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Nextbase Starter Kit

A Next.js Supabase starter kit with Stripe integrated payments for launching SaaS products.

The Nextbase Starter Kit is designed to accelerate the development and launch of SaaS products by providing a comprehensive set of features out of the box. Built on a modern stack that includes Next.js, Supabase, and Stripe for payments, it offers developers a significant head start by eliminating the need to build common SaaS functionalities from scratch. Key features include user authentication, admin panels, user impersonation, organizations and teams management, edge functions, a blog, feedback collection, changelog, and roadmap management.

Developers can leverage a wide range of authentication providers such as Google, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Discord, among others. The kit also supports social logins, MDX for blogging, pre-built components, media uploads, storage security with Row Level Security (RLS), project and team management, secure admin functions, integration and unit tests, server-side rendering, and React Query setup for data fetching and caching. With lifetime updates and clear documentation, Nextbase aims to be a scalable solution for SaaS projects of any size. Whether you’re building a small app or a platform for millions of users, Nextbase provides the tools and flexibility needed for rapid development and scaling.

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