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A Starter Theme for WordPress designed for theme development.

Underscores is a starter theme for WordPress, aimed at developers looking to jump-start their theme creation process. Known as _s or underscores, it’s designed not to be used as a Parent Theme but rather as a foundation to build upon for creating unique WordPress themes. It features ultra-minimal CSS for less interference in design, a variety of modern, HTML5 templates, and several helpful tools and templates to maintain clean and efficient code.

Key features include a helpful 404 template, an optional sample custom header, custom template tags for cleaner templates, tweaks to improve theming experience, and a navigation script for mobile-friendly menus. It also offers two sample CSS layouts for content positioning and a smartly organized starter CSS to kickstart your design. Licensed under GPLv2 or later, Underscores encourages developers to use it as a base to create something innovative and unique. Developed by Automattic, it represents a significant effort to provide a solid foundation for WordPress theme development.

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