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A SaaS-in-a-Box code template built with Node.js & Express.

Turbojet is a comprehensive SaaS-in-a-Box solution designed to accelerate the development of server-side rendered web applications. Built on the principles of Hotwire, it offers a lean and efficient architecture that simplifies the process of starting a new SaaS project. With Turbojet, developers can bypass the overwhelming number of decisions that come with starting a new application, such as choosing libraries, designing data models, and structuring folders. Turbojet provides a pre-built foundation based on industry best practices, including features like team/accounts management, database support for Postgres, MySQL, and SQL Server, a basic landing page, mobile readiness, user impersonation, an admin dashboard, Stripe integration for subscriptions, and robust security measures. It emphasizes simplicity, minimal dependencies, and the use of battle-tested libraries to ensure reliability and security. Designed with a clean, user-friendly interface, Turbojet aims to deliver not just functionality but also a pleasant development and user experience. It’s an ideal choice for developers looking for a straightforward, scalable, and aesthetically pleasing starting point for their next SaaS project.

Key Features:

  • Server-Side Rendering: Utilizes Hotwire principles for efficient, server-side rendered applications.
  • Database Flexibility: Supports major databases out-of-the-box, including Postgres, MySQL, and SQL Server.
  • Built-In Functionality: Comes with user management, subscriptions, security, and more, right out of the box.
  • Minimalist Design: Focuses on simplicity and usability, with a clean design and minimal dependencies.
  • Customizable: Offers easy customization options to match the unique needs of your business, including themes and a robust testing framework.
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