The SaaS Factory
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The SaaS Factory

The Boilerplate for SaaS Products, free and Open Source

The SaaS Factory is a comprehensive boilerplate designed for the rapid development of advanced SaaS products. It is available for free and is open source, catering to developers looking to launch their SaaS applications efficiently. The boilerplate comes in two versions: one that utilizes Apollo GraphQL, React, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript, and another built entirely on Next.js 14. This versatility ensures that developers can choose the stack that best fits their project’s needs.

The key features of The SaaS Factory include the ability to create organizations (teams) for collaborative work, scalability for managing user roles and permissions, and built-in security measures for data and infrastructure control. Additionally, it offers membership plans and billing integration ready to use with Stripe, facilitating the creation of subscription-based services. The boilerplate emphasizes ease of use, with features like GraphQL with Apollo for efficient data retrieval, TypeScript for error detection, React for dynamic UIs, Tailwind CSS for styling, and Prisma for database management. By using The SaaS Factory, developers can significantly reduce development time and focus on the unique aspects of their SaaS product.

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