The DevStarter
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The DevStarter

A Next.js & Django SaaS Boilerplate designed to accelerate enterprise SaaS development.

The DevStarter is a comprehensive Next.js & Django SaaS Boilerplate aimed at empowering enterprise solutions with peak performance, scalability, and reliability. This MVP-ready solution is engineered to accelerate the development journey for entrepreneurs, startups, and developers embarking on SaaS ventures. It offers a robust, production-ready foundation that enables rapid deployment and streamlines the development process.

The boilerplate integrates Django Ninja’s async capabilities with Next.js’s high performance to deliver an ultra-efficient development workflow. It includes features such as customizable authentication, Stripe integrated payments, Google Authentication, TailwindCSS styling, a NoSQL database for scalability, and SEO optimization. Additionally, it provides a powerful admin dashboard with user impersonation, customer support, newsletter management, feedback collection, and user engagement tools like modals and toasts. With its focus on developer convenience and efficiency, The DevStarter is built from a developer’s perspective, offering extensive documentation and support to ensure a smooth development experience.

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