Tenancy for Laravel
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Tenancy for Laravel

Automatically turn any Laravel application multi-tenant — no code changes needed.

Tenancy for Laravel is a powerful multi-tenant SaaS boilerplate designed to seamlessly integrate with Laravel applications, enabling developers to convert any Laravel project into a multi-tenant application without requiring any modifications to the existing codebase. Developed by stancl/tenancy, this package stands out by automatically managing database connections and various other aspects in the background, thus allowing developers to utilize standard Laravel code to build full-fledged SaaS applications.

The package boasts the most features among all multi-tenancy packages available for Laravel, offering both single and multi-database tenancy options. It simplifies the creation of SaaS applications by providing a comprehensive suite of tools and features, including tenant registration, a complete sign-up flow, integrated billing logic with Cashier, and a Nova admin panel for managing tenants and their domains. Additionally, it supports domain management, allowing customers to change subdomains or add custom 2nd level domains, and integrates with ploi.io for automatic creation of vhosts and HTTPS certificates. The package also includes a tenant-aware test suite, ensuring smooth testing processes that abstract away multi-tenancy concerns, and a UI showcase for user settings and Nova resources.

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