SupaNuxt SaaS
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SupaNuxt SaaS

Simple boilerplate for SAAS projects integrating a suite of modern web technologies.

SupaNuxt SaaS is a comprehensive boilerplate designed to kickstart SAAS (Software as a Service) projects with a modern technology stack. It integrates Nuxt3 for the frontend framework, providing a robust foundation for building versatile web applications. The backend is powered by Supabase, offering authentication (including OAuth), and a PostgreSQL instance for database management. Schema management and strongly typed client operations are handled by Prisma, while TRPC facilitates server/client communication with strong types, compatible with Server-Side Rendering (SSR).

For state management, Pinia is used, ensuring a reactive and organized store system. Stripe integration is available for handling payments, including webhook integration for subscription management. The styling is achieved using Tailwind CSS combined with daisyUI, allowing for rapid UI development with a customizable design system. Additionally, the boilerplate includes OpenAI integration for AI-powered text completions, enhancing the application’s capabilities. This setup is ideal for developers looking to launch their SAAS projects quickly, with a scalable and maintainable codebase.

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