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A boilerplate for building AI startups quickly and efficiently.

StartKit.AI is designed to revolutionize the way AI startups are built, offering a comprehensive boilerplate that allows developers to launch their SaaS products in under 7 minutes. This platform is the only AI boilerplate you’ll need, packed with all the necessary features to ship your product without requiring prior AI experience. It’s powered by Node.js and integrates seamlessly with OpenAI’s latest models, including the groundbreaking GPT-4o, ensuring your project stays ahead with the latest AI advancements. With StartKit.AI, you can set up a ChatGPT clone in just 10 minutes, demonstrating its efficiency and ease of use.

Developed by James and Danielle, who have over a decade of experience in building profitable SaaS products, StartKit.AI is built on their extensive knowledge and best practices in software development. The platform offers two pricing tiers: a Starter package for getting a simple AI project off the ground and a Growth package for scaling your product. Both packages include Node.js boilerplate code, user authentication, APIs for common AI functionalities, and much more, with one year of updates included. StartKit.AI not only simplifies the development process but also ensures that your AI projects are built on a solid, up-to-date foundation.

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