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Starter SaaS

A production ready SaaS boilerplate with Go / Node API and a React frontend, designed to save 3 months of development time.

Starter SaaS boilerplate is a comprehensive solution for developers looking to jumpstart their next SaaS project. This boilerplate is designed to significantly reduce development time, claiming to save up to three months of work with just five minutes of setup. It features a production-ready architecture composed of either a Go or Node API backend and a React frontend, catering to a wide range of SaaS applications.

The key features of this boilerplate include powerful built-in functionalities for managing subscriptions, payments, and user accounts with Stripe integration for secure, recurring payments. It supports customer subscription management, including trial periods, plan changes, and subscription cancellations, all with 3D secure payments. The template is highly customizable, with clean code and common patterns for easy understanding and modification. Starter SaaS boilerplate ships in two versions, Go API (based on Gofiber) or Node API (based on Express), and includes a responsive landing page, pricing page, and extensive online documentation for customization. It’s released under a permissive MIT license, allowing for broad use and modification.

This boilerplate has already been utilized in production by startups like Articoli e Social and MenuClick24, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability. With a focus on the 80/20 principle, it aims to provide the most essential features without unnecessary complexity, making it an ideal starting point for developers looking to create efficient and scalable SaaS applications.

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