Laravel Spark
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Laravel Spark

The complete recurring billing solution for Laravel.

Laravel Spark is a comprehensive solution designed to handle recurring billing for Laravel applications, making it an ideal starting point for SaaS applications. It allows developers to define subscription plans, provides a customer billing portal for plan subscriptions, updates, payment information management, and invoice downloads. Spark integrates seamlessly with Laravel, supporting the latest release and offering compatibility with Laravel application starter kits like Laravel Jetstream or Laravel Breeze. This enables developers to focus on their application’s core functionality while leveraging Spark for billing needs. The recent update introduced an enhanced UI, customer billing portal, and support for Paddle/PayPal, along with the flexibility to use any frontend technology stack. Spark is available under a single-site license for $99, which includes one year of updates, or an unlimited license for $199, covering multiple deployed applications with the same update period.

Key features include the ability to define monthly and yearly subscription plans, per-seat billing, and support for Stripe and Paddle as subscription gateways. Spark’s isolated customer billing portal ensures easy upgrades and minimal interference with the application’s code, offering developers the freedom to choose their preferred frontend technology. Created by Taylor Otwell, Laravel Spark aims to provide a solid foundation for building web applications and facilitating the growth of Laravel-based businesses.

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