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A Next.js Startup Boilerplate to launch your startup quickly.

Shipped is a comprehensive Next.js Startup Boilerplate designed for busy founders aiming to launch their startups swiftly. It encompasses everything needed to build and launch a startup in a fraction of the usual time. With Shipped, you can save up to 74 hours of coding, thanks to its pre-built components and integrations. The boilerplate includes customizable landing pages, payment collection systems powered by Lemon Squeezy, user authentication via NextAuth and Supabase, email integration for newsletters and transactional emails, a database ORM with Prisma, and a modern UI Kit with ChakraUI and TailwindCSS support. Additionally, it features a Markdown-based blog to enhance your SEO efforts. Shipped is not just about saving time; it’s about removing the complexity of starting an online business, allowing founders to focus on their product and market fit rather than the technical intricacies of building a startup from scratch.

The creator, Luca, is a software engineer turned indie maker who has launched multiple startups. He designed Shipped to help others launch faster by providing a ready-to-use codebase and components. The product is offered with a $100 discount for the next 100 licenses, making it even more accessible for early adopters. With Shipped, you’re not just purchasing a boilerplate; you’re joining a community of shippers on Discord, where you can get support and updates. Whether you’re looking to launch your first startup or streamline the development process for your next project, Shipped offers a solid foundation to get started.

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