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The NextJS boilerplate with all the stuff you need to get your product in front of customers.

ShipFast is a comprehensive NextJS boilerplate designed to streamline the process of launching startups. It offers a wide range of features to help entrepreneurs get their products to market quickly and efficiently. With ShipFast, users can launch their startup in days, not weeks, thanks to the boilerplate’s ready-to-use code for essential functions such as user authentication, payment processing, email integration, SEO optimization, and more. The platform also includes components for building a SaaS, AI tool, or any web app, aiming to make the first revenue online as fast as possible.

ShipFast was created by Marc, who after experiencing burnout from spending a year building a startup with no users, decided to shift his approach and focus on shipping products rapidly. This change in strategy led him to launch 16 startups in two years, significantly improving his income and happiness. Marc’s experience highlighted the importance of shipping quickly and learning from the market, which is the philosophy behind ShipFast. The platform has gained significant traction, with over 3109 makers using it to accelerate their development process, and it has been recognized with awards such as Product Hunt’s Maker of the Year 2023.