Scale Safe
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Scale Safe

A starter based on hexagonal architecture designed to scale your SaaS with proven patterns.

Scale Safe is a comprehensive starter solution for SaaS platforms, emphasizing a hexagonal architecture to ensure scalability and maintainability. It’s crafted for teams looking to launch quickly without compromising on software design quality. The platform boasts over 30,000 lines of code, covering two-thirds of the boilerplate needed for a robust SaaS application, allowing teams to focus on their unique value proposition rather than reinventing the wheel.

The key features of Scale Safe include a modern stack with a focus on type safety and hexagonal architecture, ensuring a clean separation of domain and infrastructure. For the backend, it utilizes technologies like NestJS, GraphQL, Zod, Prisma, Authn, and Authz to create a type-safe, clean API architecture. The frontend is equally well-architected, leveraging NextJS and Refine for developing complex pages, with additional support from Next Auth and Chakra UI for authentication and UI design, respectively. Scale Safe is designed for easy maintenance, efficient team collaboration, and supports multi-tenancy and payment processing via Stripe webhooks. It’s an ideal choice for expert teams aiming for a fast launch and long-term scalability.

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