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A Laravel-based SaaS starter kit designed to accelerate the development and launch of SaaS products.

SaaSykit is a comprehensive SaaS starter kit built on Laravel, aimed at helping entrepreneurs and developers launch their SaaS products swiftly. It comes packed with a wide range of features including subscription and one-time purchase options, webhook handling, subscription management, billing, and a customizable admin panel. The kit supports payments through Stripe, Paddle, and Lemon Squeezy, and allows for extensive customization of the website’s appearance using TailwindCSS. Additionally, SaaSykit includes a ready-to-use blog system for SEO, built-in user authentication with support for social logins, and a stunning admin panel powered by Filament. It’s designed to be developer-friendly, offering automated tests, best coding practices, and is highly customizable to fit any SaaS business needs. With SaaSykit, developers can save months of development time, focusing instead on scaling their project efficiently.

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