Startup Kit for SaaS in Golang
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Startup Kit for SaaS in Golang

Open-source Golang Startup Kit to bootstrap SaaS with boilerplate code examples.

The Startup Kit for SaaS in Golang is an open-source project designed to help software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups get off the ground by providing a comprehensive set of libraries and boilerplate code in Golang. This kit aims to reduce the repetitive tasks associated with launching a new software service, making it easier to scale and prepare for enterprise client onboarding. It emphasizes minimal dependencies, idiomatic Golang code, and adherence to best practices.

Key features of the kit include full-stack development capabilities with examples for web app CRUD operations, signup and authentication processes, account and user management, and landing pages. It also offers API and API documentation examples, along with integrations for AWS serverless infrastructure and GitLab CI/CD, to support continuous integration and deployment. The kit is designed with a mobile-first approach and includes a Bootstrap UI for responsive web applications. By leveraging this startup kit, developers can significantly accelerate the development process of their SaaS applications, ensuring they are production-ready and scalable from the outset.

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