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Laravel SaaS Starter Kit with subscriptions, invoices, Docker, CI/CD, Kubernetes support and more.

Nana is a comprehensive Laravel starter kit designed to jumpstart the development of SaaS applications. It comes packed with a wide array of features including subscription payments, invoice management, authentication, and settings management, all out of the box. Utilizing Stripe for billing, it ensures SCA compliance and provides a seamless interface for subscription management and invoice generation.

The kit is built on the latest Laravel 8 framework and supports the latest PHP and MySQL versions, ensuring a modern and efficient development environment. It includes Docker and Docker Compose for a consistent development setup across different environments, and Kubernetes with Helm for scalable and manageable deployments. With GitLab CI/CD integration, Nana automates testing and deployment, making the entire development process smoother and faster. Additionally, it offers a responsive dashboard layout powered by TailwindCSS, pre-built user and settings pages, and comprehensive test coverage, ensuring a solid foundation for building robust SaaS applications.

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