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SaaS Starter

The open source, fast, and free to host SaaS template.

SaaS Starter is an open-source template designed to help developers launch their software as a service (SaaS) applications quickly and efficiently. Built with a modern tech stack including SvelteKit, Supabase, Stripe, Tailwind, DaisyUI, and Postgres, it offers a comprehensive solution for building scalable, responsive, and user-friendly SaaS platforms. The template is free to host, with instructions provided for Cloudflare+Supabase integration, making it both accessible for startups and cost-effective to scale.

Key features include user authentication, customizable pricing pages, a blog engine, user subscriptions, a billing portal, and a user dashboard, all designed to enhance the user experience and streamline the management of a SaaS business. The template emphasizes performance, with pre-rendering and compiled deployment to ensure high Google performance scores, and is designed to be responsive across devices. It also offers extensibility for developers to add additional marketing pages, UI components, and more, ensuring that SaaS Starter can grow with your business.

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