SaaS Pegasus
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SaaS Pegasus

The leading SaaS boilerplate for Django—trusted by more than a thousand developers and founders.

SaaS Pegasus is the first and most-popular SaaS boilerplate for Django.

It has all the features you need, including user management, teams, subscription billing with Stripe, a content management system, APIs, and more, all within a codebase that’s easy to understand and extend. It also comes with an increasing number of AI features, including a built-in chatbot application, image generation, and the ability to integrate with many didferent language models.

Pegasus’s most powerful feature is its configurability. Instead of being simply a codebase that you fork, Pegasus has over thirty different configuration options which are used to generate a completely unique codebase for every project. This allows you choose from multiple different technologies, including multiple CSS themes (Tailwind, Bootstrap, Material and Bulma) and different front end frameworks (React or HTMX and native Django templates). It also means that your codebase doesn’t have extra features that your app doesn’t need.

Pegasus has more than thirty 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, and has been used by multiple companies now earning more than $1 million ARR. It also includes a private, supportive Slack community with almost 1,000 members, comprehensive documentation, and regular releases.