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A Remix boilerplate for launching SaaS startups quickly.

OneMix is a Remix boilerplate designed to accelerate the launch of SaaS startups. It comes loaded with essential features and ready-to-use components, including landing page, authentication, database setup, payment integration, webhooks, email setup, SEO, and UI components. This solution aims to save developers time by eliminating the need to spend hours on mundane tasks such as designing, authentication setup, and payment integration, allowing them to focus more on their business logic.

Developed as part of the SaaS King platform by Aditya, a software engineer and indie hacker, OneMix leverages a modern tech stack including Remix, Vite, Tailwind CSS, Supabase, Prisma, Stripe, and Resend. It’s designed for developers who want to build products without the hassle of setups and integrations, enabling them to make money quickly. With over 1500 people trusting this product, OneMix represents a reliable and efficient way to kickstart a SaaS project.

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