SaaS Hammer
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SaaS Hammer

A Django SaaS template designed to save time and money in building products.

SaaS Hammer is a comprehensive Django SaaS template aimed at helping developers launch their products more efficiently. Developed with the philosophy that ‘simple is better than complex,’ it focuses on enhancing user experience and productivity while maintaining simplicity. The template is built on Django, utilizing classic Django authentication, templates, and forms for a powerful and user-friendly backend. For the frontend, it incorporates Tailwind CSS for quick style updates and Hotwire for mature frontend solutions, allowing for less JavaScript usage.

The template offers a wide range of features including payment and subscription integration with Stripe, user account support, a modern frontend development workflow with Webpack and SWC, built-in support for TypeScript, and a component library similar to Bootstrap. Additionally, it integrates Wagtail CMS for easy content management and provides tools for code quality assurance, including linting and testing. Fully customizable and designed by Full Stack developers for Full Stack developers, SaaS Hammer is the ideal starting point for building SaaS products efficiently.

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