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ReactJS and NodeJS SaaS boilerplate for your next SaaS application.

SaaSgear is a comprehensive ReactJS and NodeJS boilerplate designed for building scalable and high-performance SaaS applications. This boilerplate comes packed with a variety of features to jumpstart the development of your next SaaS project. Key features include a high-performance interactive UI powered by React, a GraphQL API for efficient data fetching, integrated Stripe subscription payments for easy monetization, and a system for managing teams, roles, and permissions to ensure secure and organized access to your application. Additionally, SaaSgear supports user authentication through multiple methods including email, Google, Github, and Facebook, and ensures compatibility across various browsers and devices with its mobile-responsive components. The boilerplate also includes support for sending beautiful and responsive HTML emails using SendGrid and MJML, and is designed to be easily upgradable to accommodate future releases.

Getting started with SaaSgear is straightforward. It requires NodeJS v14 or above, Yarn or NPM, and MySQL. The setup process involves cloning the repository, setting up services and updating environment files, installing dependencies, setting up the MySQL database, and configuring Stripe subscriptions. With its extensive documentation and easy setup, SaaSgear is an ideal starting point for developers looking to build robust and feature-rich SaaS applications.

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