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Saas UI

The React component library and Next.js starterkit for Startups

Saas UI is a comprehensive React component library and Next.js starterkit designed specifically for startups, SaaS, B2B, and internal tools. Built on top of Chakra UI and Next.js, it aims to accelerate the development process by providing a set of modern, intuitive components that are easy to use and customize. With Saas UI, developers can build applications faster, thanks to its adherence to WAI-ARIA standards for accessibility, themable components for brand consistency, and a composable architecture that allows for the creation of new components by mixing existing ones. The library is designed to reduce boilerplate code, fully typed for productivity, and ships with an extensive set of foundational and advanced components covering a wide range of use-cases.

Saas UI is not just about providing components; it’s about offering a solid foundation built on industry-leading libraries and tools such as Chakra UI, React Hook Form, React Table, React Query, and more. It supports a variety of features essential for SaaS products including authentication, navigation, CRUD operations, settings, multi-tenancy, layouts, billing, accessibility, testing, server-side rendering, documentation, onboarding, theming, upselling, unit testing, feature flags, mobile support, user-profiles, data-fetching, SSR, subscriptions, and more. Additionally, Saas UI includes a Figma design system fully in sync with the codebase, making it a powerful tool for both developers and designers. Whether you’re an indie founder or part of a startup, Saas UI provides the tools and components needed to build intuitive and beautiful applications quickly and efficiently.

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