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SaaS Starter

An open source full stack software-as-a-service online mart complete with real credit checkout.

SaaS Starter is an innovative open-source project designed to help entrepreneurs launch their next Unicorn-For-X startup with ease. Developed by Cedric Chee, this full-stack JavaScript application is built using a modern tech stack that includes React.js, GraphQL, Node.js, and more. The project aims to provide a comprehensive starter kit for building online marts where users can search, sell, add to cart, and checkout their favorite grocery items.

The application architecture is thoughtfully designed with five main models: Users, Items, Orders, CartItems, and OrderItems, all interconnected through relational GraphQL queries. This setup allows for complex relational data queries and server-side mutations like signing up or checking out to be handled efficiently. SaaS Starter also includes essential server-side features such as JWT authentication, permissions, email sending, image uploading, and credit card charging. The project is currently transitioning its backend to use Keystone headless CMS, leveraging Prisma for database management, indicating a commitment to using cutting-edge technology.

For developers interested in contributing or utilizing SaaS Starter, familiarity with React.js, modern JavaScript, GraphQL, and Node.js is recommended. The project emphasizes best practices in React and server-side rendering, styled components, theming, routing, and more, making it an excellent resource for learning and applying modern web development techniques.

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