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A React SaaS boilerplate to kickstart your new SaaS adventure.

SaaStr is a comprehensive React SaaS boilerplate designed to help developers launch their SaaS projects with speed and efficiency. Built on top of Adonis JS for the backend and the React Starter Kit for the frontend, this boilerplate aims to provide a solid foundation for both professional developers and beginners. It includes a variety of basic SaaS features such as JWT authentication, local and OAuth authentication strategies, Stripe subscription management, and more, allowing developers to focus on the unique aspects of their product rather than the foundational elements.

The boilerplate is equipped with a wide range of technologies including Node.js, React, Redux, Docker, and PostgreSQL, among others. It supports multiple authentication methods, subscription models, and even mailing for various customer interactions. With its focus on developer ergonomics, stability, and best practices, SaaStr hopes to be a starting point that saves weeks of development time. The project also includes a live demo, detailed documentation, and a getting started guide to facilitate easy adoption.

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