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A template for building Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) apps with Reactjs, Nextjs, Prisma, and OpenAI integration

Saas-Kit-prisma is a comprehensive SAAS boilerplate designed to kickstart the development of Software-as-a-Service applications. It leverages a modern tech stack including Reactjs, Nextjs, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, Shadcn, Stripe for subscription payments, Nextauth for authentication, Prisma as the ORM, Postgres for the database, and Playwright for testing. This starter kit is aimed at saving developers weeks of development time by providing standard SAAS features out of the box, allowing them to focus on building their core application features from the get-go.

The kit also offers a Pro version which includes premium features such as multi-tenancy, roles and permissions, team invites, enhanced subscriptions with Lemon Squeezy, and more. Whether you’re looking to build a fully-featured SAAS platform or a simple app with robust backend capabilities, Saas-Kit-prisma provides a solid foundation with its integration of OpenAI, making it a versatile choice for developers looking to incorporate AI functionalities into their projects.

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