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The modern SaaS boilerplate for building better websites with Remix.

Remixtape is a comprehensive SaaS boilerplate designed to streamline the development of modern websites using Remix. It comes packed with a suite of features aimed at enhancing both the developer experience and the end-user interaction. Key components include:

  • Database Integration: Utilizes Prisma, a leading Node.js and TypeScript ORM, allowing for seamless database integration.
  • Authentication: Offers robust user authentication via social login or email and password, leveraging the Argon2id hashing algorithm for optimal security.
  • Authorization: Implements fine-grained permissions and user roles to control access to various parts of the application.
  • Team Collaboration: The codebase is pre-configured for team use, enabling admin users to manage team invitations, billing, and workflows efficiently.
  • Payments: Integrates with Stripe Checkout for handling subscription payments, complete with webhooks handlers and a customer portal for self-service account management.
  • Developer Experience (DX) Niceties: Includes features like pretty logging, email previews, fully typed input validation, easy SEO meta & link tags, automatic code formatting and linting, and support for background and scheduled jobs processing.

With Remixtape, developers can focus on building their product rather than setting up and configuring the underlying infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for startups and established companies alike.

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