Ready SaaS
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Ready SaaS

A Django SaaS boilerplate to launch your SaaS startup super fast with Python.

Ready SaaS is a comprehensive Django SaaS boilerplate designed to help entrepreneurs and developers launch their SaaS startups quickly and efficiently. This starter template kit includes a wide range of pre-built features essential for a SaaS business, such as payment collection (with Stripe and PayPal integrations), subscription management, user authentication (login, logout, signup, forgot password flows), and email services (with Sendgrid integration). Additionally, it offers background tasks handling with Celery, a Postgres database setup, deploy-ready configurations for Heroku, and Google Analytics integration.

The boilerplate is optimized for fast development and deployment, allowing users to ship their products to customers and start earning revenue without the lengthy development time typically associated with building a SaaS from scratch. It includes over 30 themes for customization, seamless Tailwind integration for the front end, and is designed with Django’s best practices in mind to ensure clean, maintainable code. The creator, Gio, emphasizes the importance of a solid foundation for fast MVP deployment, highlighting the continuous addition of new features based on community feedback. With Ready SaaS, developers can save weeks of development time and avoid the stress of reinventing basic components, focusing instead on adding unique features to their projects.

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