Rails Tabler Starter
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Rails Tabler Starter

Free and open source Ruby on Rails starter kit built using Tabler

Rails Tabler Starter is a comprehensive Ruby on Rails starter kit designed to help developers quickly move from idea to implementation. Built on the robust Ruby on Rails framework and incorporating the sleek Tabler UI toolkit, this starter kit is pre-equipped with essential models such as Users, Roles, Plans, and Subscriptions, making it an ideal foundation for both new projects and rapid prototyping.

The kit emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, with a focus on avoiding unnecessary complexity. It includes user authentication and authorization, with authentication via Devise and OmniAuth integration for third-party providers, and authorization through Pundit. For background processing, it utilizes Sidekiq and sidekiq-scheduler. The starter also supports role management with standard roles and custom role creation, as well as multiple user namespaces for different organizational structures or SaaS applications. Additionally, it comes with pre-built high-quality UI layouts from Tabler, and development-focused tools like Annotate, Brakeman, Byebug, and Dotenv for a streamlined development experience.

Setting up the project is straightforward, requiring PostgreSQL and Redis, and it offers detailed instructions for initial setup and development server running. It also provides flexibility in app settings, including interface layout and theme, multi-tenant mode, and landing page display options. Contributions to enhance the starter are encouraged, making it a collaborative and evolving project.

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