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A JavaScript SaaS Starter Kit that provides an application scaffold, user authentication, subscription management, and more.

Nodewood is a comprehensive JavaScript SaaS Starter Kit designed to accelerate the development of web applications. It combines Node.js and Vue.js to offer a robust solution for building scalable and maintainable SaaS products. With Nodewood, developers can bypass the initial hurdles of setting up a project, such as choosing a language, picking a framework, and building a secure user management system. It provides built-in user authentication & administration, subscription creation & management, and a Docker-powered development environment, among other features. This starter kit is built on the premise that building a SaaS app should be easy, allowing developers to focus on their unique business logic rather than the boilerplate code. Nodewood’s CLI tool facilitates quick code generation, and its integration with Stripe’s Subscriptions API makes subscription management a breeze. Additionally, it employs Tailwind CSS for UI customization and supports smart database choices with PostgreSQL and MassiveJS, enhanced by Knex.js for migrations. Designed to be extendable, Nodewood ensures that developers are not locked into the framework, providing a path for customization and extension as needed.

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