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A boilerplate Node.js application using Sequelize for ORM, equipped with authentication features and documented with Swagger.

The nodejs-sequelize-auth-boilerplate-with-swagger is a comprehensive boilerplate application designed for Node.js, leveraging Sequelize as its Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool. This project is specifically tailored for developers looking to kickstart their application development with a solid foundation in authentication and API documentation.

Key features of this boilerplate include the implementation of ORM with Sequelize, providing a structured way to interact with databases. It also comes with built-in APIs for authentication, making it easier to manage user access and security. Additionally, the project is fully documented with Swagger, offering a clear and interactive documentation for all the API endpoints, which enhances the development experience by simplifying the process of testing and integrating APIs.

Getting started with this boilerplate is straightforward, requiring Node.js and Yarn as prerequisites. The setup involves cloning the repository, installing dependencies, and running the application, with detailed instructions provided in the README. This project not only serves as a robust starting point for Node.js applications but also encourages community contributions, making it a valuable resource for developers.

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