Next.js with Salable
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Next.js with Salable

A boilerplate for integrating Salable with Next.js projects.

The Next.js with Salable project serves as a foundational boilerplate for integrating the Salable platform into Next.js applications. It’s designed to provide developers with a simple starting point for incorporating Salable’s functionalities, such as pricing tables, payment acceptance, and user license authorization, into their Next.js projects.

This template includes several key features out of the box:

  • Authentication is handled by Auth.js (formerly NextAuth), with GitHub as the default provider, though other supported providers can be easily configured.
  • It utilizes Prisma as its ORM, complete with an Auth.js adapter.
  • For styling, TailwindCSS is employed, allowing for rapid UI development with minimal effort.
  • The project also includes ESLint for code quality assurance.

To get started, developers are advised to clone the repository, configure the necessary environment variables, and then they’re ready to build on this solid foundation. The goal is to make the integration of Salable into Next.js projects as seamless as possible, enabling developers to focus on creating great applications.

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