Next.js Subscription Payments
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Next.js Subscription Payments

Clone, deploy, and fully customize a SaaS subscription application with Next.js.

Next.js Subscription Payments is an all-in-one starter kit designed for building high-performance SaaS applications. This comprehensive solution leverages Next.js for the frontend and integrates seamlessly with Supabase for secure user management and authentication, as well as PostgreSQL for powerful data management capabilities. It offers a smooth integration with Stripe Checkout and the Stripe customer portal, enabling automatic syncing of pricing plans and subscription statuses through Stripe webhooks. The project simplifies the deployment process with a Vercel Deploy Button, facilitating easy setup and customization. With its MIT license, it encourages customization and is an excellent starting point for developers looking to launch their SaaS platforms quickly.

Key features include:

  • Secure User Management and Authentication: Utilizes Supabase for handling user data securely.
  • Data Management with PostgreSQL: Leverages Supabase‚Äôs tooling on top of PostgreSQL for efficient data access and management.
  • Stripe Integration: Integrates with Stripe for handling subscriptions, payments, and automatic plan synchronization.
  • Easy Deployment: Offers a straightforward deployment process through Vercel, including automatic environment setup and database migrations.
  • Customizable: Fully customizable to fit the needs of different SaaS business models, with support for various pricing tiers and subscription options.
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