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A modern full-stack Next.JS, Tailwind CSS, and Prisma boilerplate for building SaaS products.

Nextacular is an open-source starter kit designed to help developers build SaaS products with ease and speed. Leveraging the power of modern full-stack technologies such as Next.JS, Tailwind CSS, and Prisma, it offers a comprehensive solution for quickly launching multi-tenant SaaS applications. This boilerplate includes essential SaaS features out of the box, such as authentication, database integration, multi-tenancy, billing and subscription management, and more, all customizable to fit your project’s needs. With its focus on developer experience, Nextacular provides extensive documentation, a highly configurable setup, and support for SEO and email handling, making it an ideal choice for developers looking to save time and effort in developing basic SaaS functionalities.

Key features include:

  • Multi-tenant SaaS app capabilities: Serve multiple customers with a single codebase across different subdomains or custom domains.
  • Customizable authentication: Includes magic link email login and integration with Next-Auth for various sign-in methods.
  • Database and billing integration: Supports integration with relational databases and Stripe for payments.
  • Developer-friendly design: Built with Tailwind CSS for simple design components and highly customizable to suit different design systems.
  • Comprehensive documentation and community support: Offers detailed guides for setup and customization, along with a community for development support and contributions.
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