Next.js Boilerplate
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Next.js Boilerplate

A boilerplate and starter for Next.js 14+ with a focus on developer experience, featuring a comprehensive tech stack.

The Next.js Boilerplate by ixartz is a comprehensive starter kit for building applications using Next.js 14+, emphasizing a developer-first approach. It integrates a wide array of development tools and technologies to ensure a smooth and efficient development process. Key features include support for App Router and Page Router, integration with Tailwind CSS 3.4 for styling, and TypeScript for type safety. The boilerplate is designed to be highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor it to their specific needs.

The tech stack is extensive, featuring ESLint and Prettier for code quality, Husky and Lint-Staged for Git hooks, Jest and Testing Library for unit testing, Cypress for end-to-end testing, and Storybook for UI component development. It also includes Commitlint for commit message enforcement, VSCode configurations for a seamless development experience, and Netlify and PostCSS for deployment and CSS processing. Authentication is handled via Clerk, and database integration is facilitated through DrizzleORM, supporting SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Error monitoring is provided by Sentry, and logging is managed with Pino.js, showcasing the boilerplate’s readiness for production environments.

This boilerplate is ideal for developers looking for a robust starting point for Next.js projects that comes pre-configured with best practices and popular development tools. It’s designed to maximize developer productivity and ensure high-quality code from the outset.

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