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Modern, full-stack Next.js & GraphQL boilerplate with everything you need to jumpstart your next SaaS product.

Bedrock is a comprehensive boilerplate designed to kickstart the development of SaaS products. It leverages the modern full-stack capabilities of Next.js and GraphQL, providing a solid foundation with pre-built features such as user authentication, subscription payments, team management, invitations, and email functionalities. This boilerplate is tailored for developers looking to save time and effort in setting up the standard tooling and functionality required for a SaaS product. With Bedrock, you get a modular and scalable codebase that is type-safe from the database to the client, ensuring a smooth development experience.

The creator, Max Stoiber (@mxstbr), designed Bedrock to combine the best tools in the JavaScript ecosystem into one seamless package. It includes essential technologies like TypeScript, Prisma, GraphQL Codegen, and Stripe for payments, among others. The goal is to provide developers with a head start, eliminating the need to glue together common functionalities or read through extensive documentation. Bedrock is available for purchase with a 14-day money-back guarantee, offering a discounted price of $396 (12% off the original price of $450). It’s a solution that not only accelerates the development process but also sets projects up for scalability and success.

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