Modern MERN
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Modern MERN

A Node.js SaaS Boilerplate with React and MERN stack for building SaaS products faster.

Modern MERN is a comprehensive SaaS boilerplate designed to accelerate the development of SaaS products using the MERN stack. It leverages the latest technologies including Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Prisma, and Serverless, all hosted on AWS. This boilerplate is crafted to provide a solid foundation for SaaS applications, offering pre-built features such as authentication, multi-tenancy, subscription payments, and an admin dashboard.

Developers can benefit from a range of features aimed at reducing development time and effort. These include a set of pre-built React components, customizable themes, a responsive design, and a clean architecture following SOLID principles. The boilerplate also emphasizes developer experience with tools like ESLint, Prettier, Husky, TypeScript, and comprehensive testing (unit, integration, and E2E tests). Deployment is simplified through Serverless infrastructure on AWS, allowing for scalable and maintenance-free operation.

Created by Remi, an experienced developer with a history of successful boilerplate projects, Modern MERN is designed to help developers launch their SaaS products more efficiently, reducing development time by up to 80% and focusing on features that matter to customers.

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