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Launch your React and Node.js app in minutes

Marblism is a revolutionary tool designed to significantly speed up the development process for developers working with React and Node.js. By simply describing your app, Marblism generates a boilerplate starter-kit codebase, including database schema, API endpoints, and even a basic design system. This allows developers to go from an idea to a working app in minutes, bypassing the tedious setup and configuration usually required.

The platform offers a range of features aimed at making the development process as smooth as possible. Front-end pages and back-end API endpoints are AI-generated, ensuring a solid foundation for your app. Marblism also includes authentication features (JWT and Google login), integration with OpenAI API, email services (Mailjet or other providers), real-time events and notifications, and file upload capabilities through AWS S3. Created by Cyril & Ulric, Marblism is built on their personal experiences of launching successful projects and aims to eliminate the initial hurdles of app development.

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