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The SvelteKit(frontend) + NestJs(backend) boilerplate to build your next SaaS, Web App, GPT Actions or AI Tools and become profitable!

Launchnow is a comprehensive SvelteKit (frontend) and NestJs (backend) boilerplate designed to help developers launch their SaaS, Web Apps, GPT Actions, or AI Tools swiftly and efficiently. Developed by founders with a track record of running profitable SaaS companies, Launchnow aims to provide everything a developer needs to get their project off the ground and scale it. The product boasts a dedicated Discord community for support and collaboration, alongside a suite of features to ensure rapid development and deployment. These include payments, subscriptions, checkout webhooks, rapid frontend development with Svelte Kit, Tailwind animations, a dedicated backend for complex logic with NestJs, Postgres, Prisma ORM, CMS, email setup, DNS setup, user authentication, and SEO optimization tools.

Launchnow is marketed with a clear value proposition: it significantly reduces the time and effort required to set up and deploy a full-featured web application. By offering a $100 discount for the next 50 customers, it emphasizes affordability alongside efficiency. The creators, Rohan and Royal, share their journey of building and scaling startups, highlighting Launchnow as their secret sauce for rapid development and deployment. This boilerplate is not just a tool but a culmination of years of experience and iteration, designed to help developers ship their products faster and more efficiently.

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