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Launch your apps in hours with these Astro, Next.js and SvelteKit boilerplates offers a suite of web development boilerplates for Astro, Next.js, and SvelteKit, designed to significantly speed up the process of launching web applications. These boilerplates come pre-equipped with a variety of features including SEO, analytics, storage, authentication, payments, and email setup, allowing developers to focus on building their apps rather than setting up these essential services. With over 30 web apps already launched using, it’s proven to be a valuable resource for developers looking to save time and effort.

The product includes integrations with popular services such as Google OAuth, Twitter OAuth, Stripe, Firebase, and more, providing a comprehensive toolkit for building modern web applications. Additionally, offers components for user authentication, analytics, accepting payments, file and document storage, sending emails, serverless databases, rate limiting, and even social media bots. It supports deployment on platforms like Vercel, Netlify,, and AWS Amplify, making it versatile for various hosting preferences. is a one-time purchase, offering all these features bundled together for a single price, with options for individual boilerplates or a bundle including all three technologies.

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