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SaaS boilerplate built in Laravel, Bootstrap 4 and VueJs.

The saas-boilerplate project, created by Cuthbert Mirambo, is a comprehensive template designed for developers looking to jumpstart their Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Built on top of the Laravel framework, this boilerplate integrates Bootstrap 4 and VueJs to offer a robust starting point for SaaS projects. It aims to eliminate the repetitive tasks often encountered during the initial stages of development, such as setting up user accounts, managing subscriptions, and handling role-based access control.

Key features of this boilerplate include authentication mechanisms (login/registration, email activation, two-factor authentication), subscription management through Stripe, user and team plans, and an admin panel for user and role management. The project adopts a domain-driven design approach, restructuring Laravel’s main app folder into App, Domain, and Http, thereby promoting a modular and organized codebase. Additionally, it supports single database multi-tenancy, API access, and comes with a variety of developer tools for customizing and extending the application. Whether you’re building a new SaaS product or looking to streamline your development process, the saas-boilerplate offers a solid foundation to accelerate your project.

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