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Larakits is the perfect starting point for your next Laravel app, designed to skip the boilerplate setup and accelerate app development.

Larakits is a Laravel SaaS Starter Kit designed to help developers launch their next Laravel application more quickly by skipping the initial boilerplate setup. This comprehensive kit includes a range of features to streamline the development process, such as a complete authentication package (registration, login, password reset, email verification, Gmail login), subscription management with support for multiple monthly and yearly plans via FastSpring, one-time charge options, team functionalities allowing for the creation, joining, and invitation of team members, and no-code needed for these operations. Additionally, Larakits offers invoice management, API support, user impersonation for troubleshooting, performance metrics, and announcements for new features or updates. It integrates FastSpring for hassle-free payment processing without VAT and invoice issues and is built on Bootstrap 4.0 and React.js, ensuring a modern, responsive application interface.

Key Features:

  • Authentication and Subscription Management: Streamlines user registration, login, and subscription processes.
  • Team Functionality and One-Time Charge Options: Enhances collaboration and provides flexible payment solutions.
  • Invoice Management and API Support: Simplifies invoice access and enhances connectivity with other apps.
  • User Impersonation and Performance Metrics: Aids in troubleshooting and business monitoring.
  • Modern Tech Stack: Built on Bootstrap 4.0 and React.js for a responsive and enjoyable user interface.

With Larakits, developers can save weeks of effort, making it easier to focus on creating a unique app experience.

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