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Ionic starter templates to launch apps in record time.

Ionstarter offers a suite of Ionic starter templates designed to help developers launch their apps quickly across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Web, from a single code base. By eliminating the need to implement boilerplate code, Ionstarter allows developers to concentrate on developing their app’s core features. The product includes starter templates for integrating with Firebase for cloud connectivity and SQLite for building offline-first apps, among others. Each template comes with pre-built functionalities such as Authentication, Storage, Database, Push Notifications, Crash Reporting, and In-App Purchases, all starting with Angular as the primary technology stack.

Created by Robin Genz, an official Ionic Developer Expert with over 7 years of experience in Ionic and Angular, Ionstarter is aimed at saving developers weeks of development time. Although it currently supports only Angular, it provides a solid foundation for building scalable and high-quality apps. Ionstarter can be used for unlimited personal and commercial projects, but it is not a no-code solution and requires coding knowledge. It is a one-time payment product, and while individual support is not offered, Robin encourages reporting bugs or difficulties for assistance.

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