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Indie Starter

Quick setup, easy to customize and expand to fit various project requirements.

Indie Starter is a comprehensive Next.js boilerplate designed to streamline the development process for startups and individual developers. It offers a quick setup and is easy to customize and expand, catering to a wide range of project requirements. The boilerplate includes a variety of features such as authentication (with magic links, social logins, and email templates), a Postgres database setup via Supabase, SEO-friendly configurations (sitemap, robots.txt, meta tags), payment processing with Stripe, and analytics integration with Umami and Google Analytics. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly interface with pre-built components and pages, all styled using Tailwind CSS and shadcn/ui for a modern look and feel. With Indie Starter, developers can save significant time on repo setup, configuration, and integration of essential services, making it an ideal solution for launching SaaS products efficiently.

The product comes in two pricing tiers: Starter ($149) and Pro ($199), each offering additional features and savings in development time. Indie Starter is not just about providing code; it’s a mini-framework that incorporates best practices and an optimized setup for various use cases, from MVPs to fully ready-to-launch projects. Created by Ali, a fellow indie maker, Indie Starter aims to reduce the repetitive tasks developers face, such as integrating services, installing dependencies, and adjusting configurations, thereby speeding up the project launch process.

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