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A comprehensive Flask boilerplate for building SaaS applications with features like Stripe billing, emails, login, and OAuth.

Ignite is a Flask scaffold designed to kickstart the development of SaaS applications by handling the foundational elements that are common across many web applications. This boilerplate includes a suite of features aimed at accelerating development time and ensuring a robust foundation for your project.

Key features of Ignite include:

  • User Authentication: Secure login, registration, password recovery, and email confirmation functionalities.
  • OAuth Login: Integration with major social networks for authentication.
  • Teams/Groups: Support for creating multi-user teams and groups, complete with invitation emails.
  • Stripe Product Checkout: Implementation of one-time item purchases, leveraging Stripe for payment processing.
  • API Access: Provision of an API for user data access, with token authentication.
  • Admin Dashboard: An admin dashboard for data management.
  • File Uploads: Support for uploading files to cloud storage providers.

Additionally, Ignite offers a basic test suite, VS Code debugger configuration, and is tested across Windows 10, OSX, and Ubuntu. For those looking to monetize their SaaS, Ignite provides a path towards implementing SaaS recurring billing, albeit with the purchase of a commercial license. Deployment instructions are included for platforms like Heroku and Docker, and the boilerplate is adaptable for use on AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean.

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