Graphile Starter
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Graphile Starter

Opinionated SaaS quick-start with pre-built user account and organization system for full-stack application development.

Graphile Starter is an advanced, opinionated SaaS quick-start designed for full-stack application development, integrating a comprehensive set of technologies and tools to provide a robust foundation for building scalable web applications. It features a pre-built user account and organization system, facilitating the rapid development of complex applications. The project leverages a full-stack approach with React, Node.js, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL at its core, enhanced by a suite of tools including PostGraphile for GraphQL schema generation from a PostgreSQL database, TypeScript for static typing, Apollo Client for data management on the client side, Graphile Worker for job queue management, Graphile Migrate for database migrations, GraphQL Code Generator for generating TypeScript types from GraphQL queries, Ant Design for UI components, and Next.js for server-side rendering and static site generation.

Graphile Starter is not recommended for beginners due to its advanced nature and the deep integration of its tooling across the full stack. It is intended for developers who are already comfortable with the technologies it uses. The project aims to speed up the development process by providing a pre-configured, highly integrated development environment, complete with a user system, session management, job queue, testing frameworks, and more. It is suitable for a wide range of projects, from small side hustles to large-scale SaaS applications, and can be deployed to various platforms with minimal changes required for scaling.

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