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A Symfony SaaS Boilerplate designed to speed up the development of SaaS applications.

Parthenon is a Symfony SaaS Boilerplate aimed at accelerating the development of SaaS applications by providing a comprehensive collection of modules for common functionalities. Built from years of experience in managing and maintaining Symfony applications, it addresses the common issue of development budgets being consumed by repetitive problems, allowing companies to focus on their unique offerings. Parthenon offers a range of features designed to facilitate rapid MVP development, including user management, payment integration with Stripe, a customizable admin system, team functionalities, multi-step forms, A/B testing, invoicing with multi-country VAT calculation, and more. It supports database creation with MySQL, Postgres, or MongoDB and includes easy PDF generation and file upload management. Parthenon is installable via Composer, making it easy to add to existing projects or to start new ones. It’s designed for scalability, allowing for module replacement with custom code as your application grows. Parthenon is available for free, with support provided via Slack and Email, ensuring users can build the best system possible.

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