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A boilerplate for creating .NET 7 Web API projects with fullstack capabilities.

The .NET WebApi Boilerplate by fullstackhero is a comprehensive package designed to jumpstart the development of .NET 7 Web API projects. It offers a robust foundation for building scalable web applications, emphasizing microservices architecture and the potential for Blazor integration in the future. This boilerplate includes a wide range of features such as exception handling, localization, caching, CORS, security enhancements, and support for multiple databases including MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. It also facilitates multitenancy, ensuring that applications can serve multiple tenants from a single instance. Additionally, it comes with pre-configured Swagger for API documentation, SignalR for real-time web functionality, and Hangfire for background job processing. The project supports deployment to both IIS and Azure AppService, making it versatile for various hosting environments. To get started, developers can either use the FSH CLI tool for a streamlined setup or fork the repository for more customized control. The boilerplate is designed to be developer-friendly, offering a Makefile for automation of common tasks such as building and running the application. It’s an ideal starting point for developers looking to leverage the latest .NET technologies in their web API projects.

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